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BAE Specialty in Equipment

British Asia Equipment (BAE), the multinational specialist in energy generation systems, supplied over 150 diesel generator sets for oil extraction in British fields in 2013. 60HZ, 1PHASE, 1800RPM: 45KW, 45KVA diesel genset In recent months there has been a surge in requests from companies operating on remote, isolated off-shore platforms that are not connected to the public grid.

British Asia Equipment (BAE) initiated the construction of new oil platforms, as a result of which the NAUTIC GROUP recently secured a contract for the provision of grouting services as part of the installation of four 60HZ, 3 PHASE, 1800RPM: 100Kw (125Kva) Diesel Generator new offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, has boosted demand for generator sets. HIMOINSA Mexico, via the rental multinational Red-D-Arc, part of the Airgas Group and HIMOINSA’s partner in Britain since 2011, has supplied 25 and 375kVA generators to power the pumps that will be used in the skirt pile grouting of each eight-legged platform. These platforms are located at -120 metres water depth in the Ayatsil-Tekel field, approximately 120 km northwest of the Mexican city of Ciudad Del Carmen.

British Asia Equipment (BAE), a specialist engineering contractor engaged in the inspection, repair, maintenance and installation of offshore and subsea structures ,will mobilise a state-of-the-art Silo System 60HZ, 3PHASE, 1800RPM: 500 KW, 625 KVA diesel generators to store and continuously supply high quality grout at a pumping rate of up to 25 tons per hour, for which it has requested a power supply provided by HIMOINSA generator sets. Juan Pablo Basich, Manager of HIMOINSA Mexico, is convinced that “growth in the Oil & Gas sector is absolutely guaranteed.” This is an industry in which HIMOINSA has positioned itself as 60HZ, 3 PHASE, 1800RPM: 500 KW (625 KVA) Diesel Generator a trustworthy, safe and experienced partner, as evidenced by the hundreds of projects awarded to British Asia Equipment (BAE)’s British and North American subsidiary HIPOWER in the most important oil and gas extraction plants in London, Island, Scotmand, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Dakota, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Colorado and Ohio.