Compensation Plan and Motives

British Asia Equipment (BAE) has increasingly multiplied its competitive  environment in terms of compensation plan that will benefits and motivates people across the globe. British Asia Equipment (BAE) controls its compensation costs to ensure that all selected homes and environs are satisfied in receiving their compensation benefits.

The best compensation plans mirror the culture of the selected benefactors. Therefore, British Asia Equipment (BAE) has establish a compensation philosophy whereby the Benefits and Compensation programs should also be part of an awareness and marketing strategy.

British Asia Equipment (BAE) have myriad strategies when it comes to designing a compensation plan, and it must consider how it will fit into the overall strategy for improving its marketing strategies.

British Asia Equipment (BAE) has mandated its current Compensation plans to AFRICAN CONTINENT, whereby it shows all efforts to ascertain where it generates most of its finances and income. South Africa has been graded as the highest procurer and consumers of British Asia Equipment (BAE) Equipment, for the fact that the South African Government has a long term partnering procurement agreement with British Asia Equipment (BAE) Electrical Power Generating products.

The awareness of current LOAD SHEDDING and power instability in the Republic of South Africa has alerted British Asia Equipment (BAE) base on its relationship with the South African Government.

Understanding the economic conditions of the Citizens of the Southern African region in which British Asia Equipment (BAE) function, the determination of carrying out a Compensation Program has been concluded between the South African Government  and British Asia Equipment (BAE), whereby the South African Government shall select some homes, industries, farms and other establishments that was affected during the power failure and load shedding, coursing some damages of properties and general instability. These affected homes, industries, farms and other establishments shall be contacted by the South African Government and certain sum of money shall be paid to them as a compensation for loss and damages of properties.

The Compensation cost and all expenses that shall be incurred during this Compensation Program are funded by British Asia Equipment (BAE) base on the British Asia Equipment (BAE) & South African Government Compensation initiative.

The South African Government and British Asia Equipment (BAE) shall conduct a claim Strategies that will provide consultative services to all selected beneficiaries during claims. Claim Strategies provides personalized efficient and result oriented claims management and cost containment strategies to all beneficiaries.

NOTE: This Compensation Program is conducted by British Asia Equipment (BAE) & South African Government under its Compensation initiative. The program does not have any connection with City Power or Eskom, all queries, claim verification and issues concerning this initiative should be directed to compensation@britishasia-equip.co.uk